bircher muesli

Man, it's been a crazy few weeks. 

First of all - Happy New Year!

I know it's a bit late, and yes, it's been a long while since I last blogged, but I assure you I felt guilty with every passing week, realizing that I, again, hadn't cooked any real food exciting enough to write about.

So far, winter-time has been a blur of hearty restaurant meals (not that I'm complaining) lacking anything even resembling a hint of green. Contrarily, it's also been a time of scavenging for food in the pantry and eating bags full of nuts because it's just too cold outside (and inside) to even consider grocery shopping...

January brought not only the start of a new year for me, but also a veritable bevy of adventures, including a weekend trip to London closely followed by a week-long trip to China, an exciting premiere in "Giselle" as one of Giselle's friends, and in general, a feeling of newness and excitement; an air of change, and promises of fresh experiences to be encountered.   

It is not only the start of a new year that can bring about these feelings, but the start of a new day as well. There is little to be said about the joy of waking up with the sun shining down on you, beckoning you to rise from bed to see what the day holds.

Of course most days recently have been a bit grey and gloomy, so what better way to substitute that missing sunshine than bircher muesli for breakfast?!

I am a huge proponent of the grab-and-go breakfast - which is why breakfast usually ends up being portable fruit, i.e. a banana... 

However, when I'm feeling like something a bit more - let's face it - not boring, I raid my cupboard and throw whatever I find together with some rolled oats and yogurt before heading off to bed.

And voila! In the morning there's a delicious and nutritious breakfast waiting for me in the fridge. Plus it's pink!

Apart from the fact that it's pink, to me, the best part of bircher muesli is it's versatility.

Don't like pink? Chuck in some blueberries. No walnuts? Use flaked almonds! Like it sweet? Add more honey! 

The possibilities are endless.

Bircher Muesli

*serves 4-6*

100 g rolled oats, about 1 1/4 C
150 g plain yogurt, about 3/4 C
40 g chia seeds, about 1/4 C
30 g raisins, about 1/4 C
1 medium orange

1 medium pear, grated
80 g frozen/fresh raspberries
30 g chopped/flaked nuts, about 1/4 C
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
2-4 tbs runny honey 
pinch of salt

Combine the rolled oats, yogurt, chia seeds and raisins in a mixing bowl. Add the zest of half of the orange and the juice of the whole orange. 

Add the rest of the ingredients and give it a good mix. 

Transfer the mixture to a tupperware and leave it overnight to combine and get yummy in the fridge. Give it a good mix before serving. Top with a sprinkling of nuts, a few berries, or some extra honey.

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Make this tonight, have a good morning. *sparkly emoji* Happy days.


xx p

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